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Meet the Choir - Chloe Lankshear
By Lincoln Law
Posted on 9/7/2020 8:04 AM

1. What is your name, voice type, how long have you been in the choir? 

My name is Chloe Lankshear and I am a soprano. I’ve been with the choir since 2017. 

2. Why did you decide to audition for the Choir? What is special about singing in The Choir of 
St James’? 

I decided to audition for the choir because I missed singing in an ensemble that produced high quality music. 
The Choir of St James functions in a professional capacity and so the scope of music that they explore was also a 
big factor in auditioning.  

3. What is the most special, memorable or stand-out moment you have had singing in this 

There have been so many beautiful moments with this choir, but I would have to say that singing Haydn’s ‘Little 
Organ Mass’ for Easter Morning this year was a particularly special moment. As sad as it was to sing to an 
empty church, it felt incredibly special to partake in the Easter celebration.  

4. What do you do when you are not singing at St James’? Where else do you sing? What is 
your day job? 

Currently I am finishing up my degree at the Conservatorium of Music. My regular income is performing so in 
between commitments with St James I sing regularly with The Song Company, as a soloist or chamber 
musician, and most recently with Pinchgut Opera.  

5. What is your top-ten list of sacred choral music to listen to and why? Which records can you 

Tough! Okay, so my current favourite recordings of sacred work have to include, but are not limited to, the 
1. Francis Poulenc’s ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ sung by the Bavarian Radio Chorus 
2. John Duggan’s ‘O babe born bare’ (only one recording on Spotify exists – it’s okay) 
3. Frank Martin’s Mass for double choir is an absolute favourite! I haven’t really found a recording I 
adore of it yet, but singing it is an absolute joy 
4. Allegri’s ‘Miserere’ is divine, both to sing and to listen to. I highly recommend the Tallis Scholar’s 
5. Claire Maclean’s ‘Christ the King’ which can be found on YouTube being sung by Gondwana 
Chorale. Again, an ABSOLUTE JOY to sing and to listen to. Such a stunning piece. 
6. Elliot Gyger’s ‘Baptism by Fire’ – a very new piece that was commissioned only two years ago. There is 
only one recording of it on YouTube and it is a such a sublime piece of Australian choral music with a 
biblical text. 
7. Christopher Wiggins’ ‘Locus Iste’ for SSAA was a favourite when I was in Gondwana Voices, and still 
remains one of my most cherished sacred chorale works.  
8. Joshua Himes’ ‘There is no Rose’ for SSAA is also similarly stunning to listen to.  
9. Francis Poulenc’s ‘O Magnum Mysterium’ – really lush and warm to relax into 
10. Herbert Howells’ ‘Sweetest of Sweets’ is rich in close harmonies and stunning to experience in person 
6. Who is your singing hero and why? Have you sung with a superstar? 
I don’t have a singing hero per say, but I think there are many artists that I see more as teachers rather than 
heroes. You can learn so much from just listening and watching really excellent artists in their element. I have 
had the good fortune of singing with some amazing home-grown talent like David Greco, Lorina Gore, and 
Taryn Fiebig, as well as with some fantastic international choirs.  

7. What is your dream church/concert hall to sing in? 
I think that to be able to sing in St Paul’s Cathedral in London would tick a big box on a list of places for me. I 
adore that space. I visit it every time I go to London.  

8. What other musical instrument(s) do you play, and can you recommend a favourite piece and 
recording of that instrument? Do you compose, and if so, what have you written? 

I grew up studying Violin, piano, and saxophone as well as singing. I graduated year 12 with a double major in 
Music specialising in Jazz Alto Sax and Classical Voice. I think my favourite piece to try to play during that year 
was Giant Steps with John Coltrane’s improv transcription – I gave up and decided to try and to learn the 
improv for voice instead. It was during year 11 and 12 studying Jazz that I was introduced to Miles Davis’ 
album ‘Blue in Green’, which, if you haven’t listened to it, is just one of the most spacious and delicious albums 
you could spend your time listening to.  
A favourite piece on the violin was a Brahms’ Sonatensatz in C minor “FAE Sonata” Scherzo which I did for 
my 8th Grade exam. It has a lot of bite but also quite lush. My favourite recording is with Martha Argerich and 
Itzhak Perlman. 
For piano my absolute favourite is Schubert’s ‘Impromptu in G flat’. My dad would play it for me when I was 
very little and then taught it to me when I was around 14 years old.  
I don’t really compose, but I do arrange. I have done some arrangements for choir but right now my main focus 
is arranging pieces for voice and guitar.  

9. Name your favourite thing to do when you're not singing? 

I love cooking. I know that is such a cliché thing to write, but it is true! Scones for whenever someone drops 
round unexpectedly, or a nice big chocolate cake for a birthday, and in the last few months I have taught myself 
how to make sourdough cinnamon scrolls and fresh bread. I find it very therapeutic, the act of cooking. I also 
love to read and to paint with Japanese water colours. Again, very therapeutic.  

10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? 
I dream of living in a little village in the south of France with chickens and a vegetable garden and lots and lots 
of Lavender. I also dream of living in the fictional village of ‘Dibley’ with Dawn French as the vicar. One of 
those options could become a reality.